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Partnerships With North Coast Training Academy

North Coast Marksmanship Club(NCMC) is a vital and educationally-based organization that has been greatly appreciated by the local community for many years.

Student Engagement

Welcome to our specialized classroom space for effective student engagement. Learn from highly-qualified, NRA-certified instructors that focus on safety and your goals first.

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Certifications & Seminar

Come join us for an NRA sponsored course at our affiliated organization, North Coast Training Academy. Or attend one of our NRA sponsored seminars! This is just a small sample of our offerings!

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Home Firearm Safety


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NRA First Steps Pistol or Rifle Orientation


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NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting


Learning For All Ages & Abilities

Whether marksmanship sports are a brand new adventure, or whether you are an seasoned air gun or firearm shooter, we have something for everyone.


Women on Target Clinics

$40 (ages 18+)    $20 (kids)

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NRA Range Safety Officer



Individual Coaching