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The Fundamentals of Marksmanship

The fundamentals of rifle marksmanship are aiming, stability of hold, breath control, trigger control and follow through. These techniques provide the foundation for all marksmanship principles and skills.

ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction
This is the primary rule of gun safety. Common sense dictates the safest direction, depending on different circumstances.

ALWAYS Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot

When holding a gun, rest your finger alongside the frame and outside the trigger guard. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger.

ALWAYS Keep The Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use

If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chamber(s), leave the gun alone and get help from someone who does

When using or storing a gun, always follow these additional NRA rules:

  • Know your target and what is beyond.
  • Know how to use the gun safely.
  • Know how to use the gun safely.
  • Be sure the gun is safe to operate.
  • Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
  • Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate.
  • Never use alcohol, over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs before or while shooting.
  • Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.
  • Additional Safety Precautions
  • Cleaning

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